Project Description

Does the idea of running, hiking, mountain biking, traversing waterways, navigating and route finding excite or interest you?

If so, we’ve got the perfect challenge for you to take on with three others to test your physical and mental ability.

The Great Adventure Race is back in 2018, and we’re looking for teams of four (at least one member needs to be of the opposite sex) to compete in a multi-sport event.

Come join the greatest race you’ll ever do

Having Conner’s expertise for the Cure Kids Great Adventure Race video was incredible. With very little direction from us, his creativity on the day to capture the best shots was outstanding (having to wade through water and hike up rugged hills was no concern for him). Conner created a video that perfectly captures the race, and has since been used to recruit new teams in future race’s, which is a huge help for us. Thank you Conner, for your commitment and dedication to this exceptional, final product, we love it!
Sonja Walsh, Cure Kids

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