Project Description

Become Powerful, Productive, and Present in your Life and Career

Are you an ambitious, goal crushing, successful professional? Are you so busy with the responsibilities of your career and family life that you haven’t had time to look after your body in the ways you know you should?Are you starting to feel the toll of this busy lifestyle on your body?
Would you love to learn how Yoga and Pilates can change your life? In a way that is real and worthwhile (not airy fairy)? You need a teacher who makes it easy for you.
A teacher who works in with your busy schedule.
A teacher who works with you as an individual, focusing on your body, your lifestyle needs, your health, your goals.
A teacher who helps you to see a positive transformation, quickly.
I teach professionals how to develop a balance of strength, and mobility in their body and mind. This shift allows busy individuals to be more efficient at work, more grounded at home, and enjoy life the way they aspire to.

Tones Yoga & Pilates

When Conner and I first spoke about a video clip for Tones Yoga & Pilates I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know what I wanted in a promo video but Conner was able to tease out of me the heart of what my business is about and somehow put it into video form. The result was a really eye-catching video demonstrating the playful interactions of one of my classes. One of the challenging things about making a video in a real class was that not all students want to be filmed while they practice. Conner was super respectful of their wishes leaving them out of shots and was really discreet with his filming. I found the experience really easy and was stoked with the result. I would recommend Conner to anyone who needs a fresh way to promote their services or products.

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